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About the Book

A boy named Brent was relieved from suffering and threat of death from hemophilia when a magic new medicine was prescribed to stop his recurrent bleeding. However the medicine he received was contaminated with HIV which caused his death at age seventeen. Who is accountable for his tragic death and the death of thousands of others from a medicine that was intended to protect him rather than claim his life? Were the producers of the medicines guilty of sacrificing safety for profitabiltiy? Or were the doctors who prescribed the medicine guilty of causing harm to their patients? Could AIDS have been prevented if government regulations had been in place.

The successful production of new medicines is driven by the spirit of capitalism resulting in great benfits to society. But because of human nature, capitalism requires regulations to prevent greed. AIDS is a man-made disease which occured when an animal virus, SIV, jumped a species to become HIV, the result of the impact of human behavior. Who is accountable for the tragedy of AIDS in HIV infected persons with hemophilia? Whenever a new treatment becomes available the benefits must be compared with the hazzards of treament.


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